rheinfaktor inside

Our name reflects our way of working. We are flowing and dynamic like the River Rhine (Rhein). We are also analytical and shaping like a factor (faktor)– a ‘doer’, a multiplier. The two worlds inspire and complement each other with diversity and excitement – just like rheinfaktor.

For us, intelligent communication is more just a mixture of media and measures. It is creative, integrated and authentic. It springs from the ability to get to the bottom of things, and to deeply understand a business, its strengths and its customers.  Such communication is sustainable and valuable. It is both online and offline. And it comes from an agency filled with independent, inquisitive people, who strive for creativity and work wholeheartedly for their clients – like rheinfaktor.

That’s why rheinfaktor loves to go on journeys of discovery, relishing every challenge along the way. Here is a glimpse into how we approach new territories in a spirit of enterprising teamwork.

On a journey of discovery

rheinfaktor cooks

rheinfaktor in the flow

The river is our leitmotiv. And because we like to get to the bottom of things, for our company outing we chose a special destination.

Keep your eyes open

It’s all about the idea! The raw material of the 21st century is getting scarcer, but we still have plenty of it.

Kick-off in Rotterdam

We don’t just have the Rhine in our name. It’s part of us. So naturally, our kick-off event took place near the water - down the Rhine in Rotterdam.

Cocooning à la rheinfaktor

Casual Friday was yesterday. We celebrate Slippers Friday.

Our values

rheinfaktor is full of ideas and the joy of creation. Yet we sail a steady course because we are led by strong values that form the foundation of all our activities: clarity, creativity, engagement, ambition and above all, originality. These values are the guiding stars that light our way on every journey.


We think and work analytically, strategically and conceptually. Outstanding communication is no accident. We achieve it through intelligence, creativity, perseverance – and a good dose of intuition.


We are inquisitive and versatile. We search for the unique. We are not creative for the sake of it: our creativity yields success for our clients.


We are powered by enthusiasm. We get to know our subjects thoroughly, but we can also step back and observe from a distance. Our engagement is the perfect balance between nearness and distance, between detailed accuracy and the bigger picture.


We are demanding – especially with ourselves. We achieve outstanding results through a mixture of different talents, insight and skills. We are friendly, open and constructive in our input.


We are original – in our business, in our thinking, in our words and in our advice. We have unique ideas and are self-motivated. We help our clients to develop individual brand profiles by developing their claims and themes in a fresh, unbiased way.