Die Crew

What’s nice about our work is that no two days are alike. What’s challenging about it is that... no two days are alike.

And because communication has to do with people and people are different and need to be addressed differently, the over 25 staffers who work at rheinfaktor have very different backgrounds.

These include training and degrees in communications, PR and advertising, languages, literature, culture and media science, business and economics, history, political science and sociology, visual communication, media and communication design, and a range of technical skills (technical journalism, industrial mechanics and production engineering, communications electronics, architecture).

They also have many talents and interests that go beyond work. The rheinfaktor team does 23 sports, includes a certified sailor, plays 17 instruments in 3 bands and has three DJs, speaks 13 languages and has travelled in 95 countries. It supports 9 football teams and has 8 children.

This variety of professional and personal abilities provides for high motivation and fresh creativity on the part of rheinfaktor’s communications experts. Drawing from so many sources creates energy that can set things in motion.

We want to be different, and we want to surprise our clients every day. And go beyond their expectations. We can do it because communications have to do with people.


The average employee at rheinfaktor ... 


... is 29.2 years old


... plays 1.8 sports


... speaks 2.5 languages


... is 0.0 percent average

The management

Iris Westermeier, brand and PR strategist. Ensures safe navigation in all communications questions. Her comprehensive, strategic approach has become a trademark of rheinfaktor.

Kai Danneberg, expert for digital and brand strategies. He combines excellent ideas with in-depth expertise to design contemporary brands, campaigns and communications.

Outside rheinfaktor

We’re also creative and active outside rheinfaktor:


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